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Full scale mastering

Our mastering services cater to all formats from streaming platforms to physical copies such as CDs, cassettes, and vinyl pre-mastering. We like to think of mastering as artform, not directly aiming for technical perfectionism, but rather find a way to get your musical story across in a fashionable matter.

Manley massive passive, Audiotales design 1951, Neve portico MBP


Full Scale Mastering! Based close to the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, our mission is to refine the sounds and stories of talented musicians everywhere. With an extensive suite of handpicked analog and advanced digital tools at our disposal, we apply unwavering attention to detail.

What is mastering?

Mastering is the final step in the music production process and involves optimizing your mix for different listening environments, ensuring that it will sound good on various playback systems. A well-mastered track should have balanced levels, consistent volume, clarity, punch, and depth across all frequencies.

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