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Mastered for iTunes, which had previously been used to refer to optimized masters designed specifically for digital distribution via iTunes, has undergone a change. It is now called Apple Digital Masters. The purpose behind this shift is twofold - firstly, to emphasize that music prepared using these standards will adhere to strict guidelines across all platforms within the ecosystem, and secondly, to remove the association with iTunes alone. Only sound engineers certified by Apple can produce Apple Digital Masters, and if you plan to submit your composition for distribution on iTunes, you will need to be able to furnish details of the accredited professional who crafted your Digital Master version at the time of submission, if asked for.
Full Scale Mastering is officially certified by Apple to create masters for digital distribution through iTunes.
By attaining the "mastered for iTunes" Badge, FSM demonstrates proficiency in meeting specific technical criteria established by Apple for high-quality audio playback on various devices, including iOS and approved studio means clients can trust that their music will receive the appropriate treatment necessary for seamless delivery to the vast iTunes audience.


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