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Privacy statement Full Scale Mastering :

The contact form placed on the website of  ( offers visitors the opportunity to contact Full Scale Mastering . In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which has been effective since May 25, 2018, privacy sensitive data coming from form submissions is solely used for communication via email, telephone or text/WhatsApp between clients and Full scale Mastering.

Privacy sensitive data filled in in the form (name, email address and/or phone number)   will not be provided to third parties, nor will it be used for sending out newsletters or other forms of marketing driven communication. Clients have the right to access the data coming from form submissions. Clients also have the right to request deletion of this data.

Cookies:  The use of cookies on the website ( is strictly limited to cookies that enable proper functionality of the website. You are free to change your web-browser cookie settings in order to prevent cookies from being used. This might cause some functions of the website to work different than expected.

Google Analytics : The website uses Google Analytics to monitor site traffic. Google Analytics uses cookies in order to function properly. For the use of Google Analytics, Fullscalemastering has signed a user agreement with Google.
Full scale mastering does not make use of any other services related to Google in combination with Google Analytics.

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