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Perfection, the enemy of creativity.

After a quick search, Google’s explanation gave me some proper self awareness on the word I tend to hold as gospel in my own way of doing sometime. "Perfection' is a state, variously, of completeness, flawlessness, or supreme excellence. So after taking that in for a second, I realize it’s the most idiotic thing to chase after. I’m pretty sure that, even IF for one day, I manage to find some sort of perfection in audio. Someone else will be able to tell me at least 50 things that could be changed to become perfect for them. So who’s imperfect here, who’s right or who’s wrong. Is there a baseline to work towards? In that case, we can come to a collective agreement that This thing (whatever it may be) now is in a state of perfection. The only real world example that I can think of where perfection becomes relevant is in computer language. The CPU or central processing unit is capable of making all the right calculated decisions.
This in itself could be named a state of perfection, maybe? But is it really perfect? And if so, why do I tend to look for plugins within that flawless calculation that make the promise they calculate the imperfections of analog gear?

Nonlinearity is key,

Since this is supposed to be a mastering blog, ill try to stick to the music, mixing, mastering for my thoughts, but I guess there will be more parts in life where the devil is in the details.

The details of perfection, the part that needs to be fixed or changed because we can.

It's almost like our brain is on its own mission to become in a state of perfection and then when we are close to the finish line we want to add some distortion or noise to make it less perfect. Apparently I'm so stuck in a pointless state of perfection that chasing my own tale is an understatement.

I have to deal with this little voice of perfection every day as Mastering Engineer. Trust me, I'm not on my high horse, neither too big to admit that also I am human. Making the right choices for clients projects is part of dealing with perfection. Often finding a way between what's technically troubled and the feeling of the song. The last part is way more important to me, letting go of perfection, but rather find the core soul of the energy that's presented within the music at that moment. FSM

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